Change, charity creates

Her family assembled in Hunnewell graveyard where her youthful family was laid to rest Thursday. It is birthday party in a graveyard. It is extremely difficult for me when I begin questioning myself Why? Because I am never going to get those questions answered, said Mantia.

The driver of another vehicle died in the crash. We were actually the family that has been doing everything right. I had trouble understanding why this occurred to me, said Mantia.

Mantia found an unique way to commemorate her son’s brief life. A year ago, she organized a toy drive driving and attempting to bring consciousness. This year we selected to do a book drive. I only figured my son actually loved reading novels, therefore I’m certain other children would like to at the same time. We’ve well over 1000 publications right now and they just keep piling in, said Mantia.

She and her family and friends strategy to dole out those publications in the forthcoming days to place children’s hospitals. NewsChannel 5 On Your Own Side discovered nothing continues to be done to enhance the security of it.

MoDOT said they do have security concerns about the stretch of road where her family was lost by Mantia, but they said they do not have the $5-10 million it’ll take to repair it. They say as it’s they have a yearly budget deficit of $14 million. But for Mantia, it’d be too little, too late anyhow.

Mantia says she expects to affect legislation for stricter DUI punishments. She also expects her disaster serves as a warning. Mantiais expects to host a charity drive that was different every year on her son’s birthday and participated. She says, that may contain a scholarship fund.

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