Slaying Suspect Said Family Made Him Keep


The state had inquired various allegations of neglect and mistreatment involving members of his family over time.

As stated by the court records, Criner told authorities that he been living in a house where his aunt also sometimes resided with his grandma when he was 2, and that he had been taken from his mom.

Criner’s mom wished to take him back in 2011, in line with the records. He was supposedly threatened by his mom, based on an affidavit from a child welfare investigator when Criner refused.

“I will be sure to visit foster care,” Vivian Criner told her son, as stated by the affidavit.

Thursday a phone number for Vivian Criner couldn’t instantly be found. Mary Wadley, Meechaiel Criner’s grandma, didn’t immediately return a phone message.

Criner told authorities that he hitchhiked and walked the 300-plus miles from the house in Texarkana of Wadley, along the Texas-Arkansas border because he was kicked by Wadley out, as stated by the affidavit. “The kid reported the grandma’s religious beliefs, when an individual turns 17 years old , they have to leave home and also make their particular way on earth,” the affidavit says.

That same month, Wadley reported her grandson. She told authorities the report needed to be produced that she was not held responsible when he was not in school, according to Texarkana cops and she was the guard of Criner.

Her body was discovered two days after in Waller Creek close to the huge football stadium as well as the campus alumni centre, which will be usually a place humming with activity almost all the time.

Criner was discovered to truly have a variety of Weiser’s possessions, including her blue duffel bag and was detained at a shelter near campus. Authorities have said Weiser was attacked but never have released additional details about her departure, citing the continuing investigation.

The arrest affidavit of Criner said campus surveillance video showed a man believed to be Criner seeing a female idea as she walked along with her head down toward her dorm, considering her cell phone to be Weiser. As she passed, the affidavit said, the guy created “what seemed to be a glossy stiff thing” and followed her. As they reached the bank of Waller Creek, the pair lost from view. The guy was not seen for two again on video -plus hours.

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